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Gender Lead

Posted on: 29th January 2021

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Gender Lead


Enhancing Financial Innovation & Access (EFInA) is a leading financial sector development organisation working to promote inclusive finance in Nigeria. Established in late 2007, EFInA’s vision is to be the leader in facilitating an all-inclusive and growth-promoting financial system. EFInA is funded by UK Aid and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

EFInA is well renowned within Nigeria’s financial sector for providing thought leadership in financial inclusion and championing the unbanked. Through funding and catalysing innovation, providing cutting-edge research, advocating for enabling inclusive policies and building capacity, EFInA has built a reputation as an ‘honest broker’ amongst both the private and public sectors.

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In 2019, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, EFInA partnered with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Financial Inclusion Secretariat (FIS) to conduct in-depth research on the barriers to women’s financial inclusion in the country. EFInA and the FIS then partnered to refine the Framework for Advancing Women’s Financial Inclusion, an initiative started by the Financial Inclusion Special Interventions Working Group; that framework was finalised in 2020. While key stakeholders in Nigeria, including regulators and financial service providers, are generally supportive of initiatives to drive women’s financial inclusion, many lack the expertise required to implement effective solutions. EFInA therefore aims to support the industry in implementing the Framework for Advancing Women’s Financial Inclusion and in applying a gender lens to the development of financial services in Nigeria. EFInA seeks to recruit a Gender Lead who will be responsible for this work.

EFInA and other “financial sector deepening” organisations across Sub-Saharan Africa collectively comprise an FSD Network. This FSD Network is launching a four-year programme to accelerate the pace of gender equity in finance in Africa, through a leveraged network approach to building capacity and championing gender equity across the Network. EFInA’s Gender Lead will serve as the primary point of coordination for this initiative in Nigeria.

EFInA is seeking to recruit a Gender Lead who can commit to the position for at least 2.5

years (30 months). The role is based in Lagos, Nigeria, with some domestic and international travel required.

Job Objectives

  • Drive increased access to and use of affordable, relevant formal financial services by women, through effective implementation of the Framework for Women’s Financial Inclusion in Nigeria and increased deployment of solutions that are relevant to women
  • Establish a Centre of Excellence for gender related work in Nigeria – i.e., an adequately resourced and networked team, led by a gender expert, that will provide support to stakeholders in the DFS ecosystem looking to mainstream gender into policies, regulations, research etc. and develop gender intentional products and services

Primary Relationships

Reports to:                      Chief Executive Officer

Directly supervises:         Gender Manager

Job Responsibilities

Strategy Development and Implementation

  • Develop and implement EFInA’s approach to driving increased access to and use of affordable, relevant formal financial services by women, through effective implementation of the Framework for Women’s Financial Inclusion in Nigeria and increased deployment of solutions that are relevant to women
  • Serve as the main point of contact for EFInA’s gender-oriented activities and programmes, and provide gender-related technical expertise to support all EFInA’s work
  • Serve as the primary point of contact in EFInA for the FSD Network’s Advancing Gender Inclusive Finance in Africa initiative
  • Manage the Results Framework for the “Supporting DFS for Women in Nigeria” grant awarded to EFInA, working to expand on or refine the Results Framework as needed, for approval by EFInA’s CEO, Board of Directors, and donor. Lead on the design, execution and reporting against initiatives to achieve the objectives defined in that Results Framework
  • Track emerging global evidence related to women’s financial inclusion and incorporate it into EFInA’s strategic approach
  • Disseminate learning from gender-related work conducted in Nigeria to a range of partners, including government and private sector stakeholders in Nigeria, the FSD Network, EFInA’s donors, and other partners
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis to identify suitable implementing partners for gender equity interventions and initiate and build relevant relationships
  • In conjunction with EFInA’s CEO, establish and coordinate a Gender Steering Group to support and advise on EFInA’s gender-related work
  • Participate in EFInA’s Management Committee, which includes the responsibility to deliberate and take decisions on the effective and efficient management of the performance of operational and strategic matters within EFInA

Regulatory Support & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Support stakeholders, including government partners, in creating or strengthening implementation plans and Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) systems for the Women’s Financial Inclusion Framework
  • Coordinate with stakeholders in supporting the effective implementing of the Women’s Financial Inclusion Framework, engaging stakeholders to identify and address challenges to implementation when encountered
  • Work closely with partners, including the Financial Inclusion Secretariat and Special Interventions Working Group, to track progress toward the implementation of the Women’s Financial Inclusion Framework
  • Work with the Financial Inclusion Secretariat and Special Interventions Working Group to fine-tune the Women’s Financial Inclusion Framework as needed
  • Establish and manage a Gender Working Group (GWG) for the Nigerian ecosystem, which will serve as a continuous platform for sharing insights and facilitating communication and coordination between regulators, market operators and other stakeholders. This may include development of Terms of Reference for the GWG, holding of meetings and activities, and the development of a body of work for the group
  • Lead EFInA’s participation in the National Financial Inclusion Special Interventions Working Group (the focus of which includes youth, women, and persons living with disabilities)
  • Monitor the development of potential new policies/regulations, initiatives or entities that are relevant to women’s financial inclusion in Nigeria (including policies/regulations that are not gender-specific but may have positive or negative impact on women’s financial inclusion), supporting EFInA in making appropriate recommendations to stakeholders
  • Identify opportunities for building capacity of government and other stakeholders on gender issues, and recommend approaches to capacity-building

Private Sector Support

  • Support EFInA’s grantees and partners in developing solutions that are relevant, useful, and affordable for Nigerian women, including low-income women. This may include actions such as:
    • Conducting a gender assessment at the outset of new projects and advising on project design based on that assessment
    • Supporting EFInA’s Innovation and MRM teams in developing monitoring and evaluation approaches for EFInA’s grants that a) help EFInA understand the gender-related impact of the project, and b) contribute to EFInA’s learning agenda related to gender.
  • After reviewing learning from the first phase of support to EFInA grantees and partners, assess the potential for an expanded support phase that may include making support available to additional Nigerian financial service providers; design and oversee implementation of this expanded phase, if necessary. This may include:
    • Developing a process for interested providers to rapidly apply for support, based on established criteria
    • Expanding capacity to enable EFInA to provide advisory support to more partners, through recruiting additional staff and/or contracting external support


Building a High-Performing Team

  • Participate in recruiting a Gender Manager who can support the Gender Lead in implementing EFInA’s work related to women’s financial inclusion
  • Build the capacity of EFInA’s Gender Manager to provide local gender expertise to the Nigerian market, through focused coaching, Learning & Development plans, identifying opportunities for growth such as stretch projects, etc.
  • Should EFInA identify the need to recruit any additional positions in the Gender Team, support recruitment and coaching for those additional team members
  • The FSD Network Advancing Gender Inclusive Finance in Africa initiative will include support to build the capacity of FSDs, including EFInA. Serve as a local counterpoint for this work, supporting efforts to build EFInA’s capacity to deliver gender-relevant work
  • Monitor, manage and report on the performance of direct report(s), including setting performance objectives and timelines and conducting performance reviews and annual performance appraisals

Other Responsibilities

  • Develop and manage progress against work plans and budgets for work overseen by EFInA’s Gender Team
  • Develop reports for EFInA’s donors, Board of Directors and external stakeholders, as required
  • Lead on reporting progress against EFInA’s grant(s) and initiatives focused on women’s inclusion
  • Perform any other duties as required by the Chief Executive Officer

Primary Relationships

Reports to:                          Chief Executive Officer

Directly supervises:         Gender Manager


Candidate Attributes

Qualifications and Education

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject (e.g. Gender, Finance, Development Studies) from a recognised learning institution
  • A post-graduate qualification from a recognised learning institution in Gender or relevant subject
  • Fluent in written and spoken English


Essential Skills & Experience

  • Strong theoretical basis and expertise in gender concepts; significant experience (5+ years) applying this understanding to implement solutions that contribute to women’s empowerment
  • Knowledge and experience in inclusive finance and economic empowerment for women
  • Practical field-based development/non-profit sector experience
  • Significant experience in establishing and maintaining collaborative and trusted relationships with stakeholders such as implementing partners, donors, private sector players and government counterparts
  • Demonstrated ability to convene stakeholders, including policymakers, to develop and implement recommendations
  • Demonstrated track record of rigorous project management skills and achievement of results
  • Demonstrated skills in managing budgets, managing risk, and ensuring value for money
  • Experience working in Africa (experience working in Nigeria desired)
  • Fluency in written and spoken English


Desired Skills & Experience

  • Experience implementing a Market Systems Development approach
  • Strong understanding of Nigerian context
  • Existing knowledge of and relationships with stakeholders in Nigeria’s financial sector, including financial service providers and regulators



Competency Desired Level (Basic, Intermediate, Skilled or Advanced)
Communication Advanced
Critical Thinking Advanced
Leadership Advanced
Stakeholder Management Advanced
Thought Leadership Advanced
Advocacy Skilled
Insight Generation Advanced
Monitoring & Evaluation Skilled
Project Management Advanced


Personal Qualities

  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, ethnic and age sensitivity and adaptability
  • Strong commitment to gender inclusion
  • Strong alignment with EFInA’s core values of Commitment, Innovation, Professionalism, Objectivity, Integrity, and Teamwork
  • Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive, constructive attitude
  • Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities


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