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Opportunities at EFInA

Opportunities at EFInA
...Enhancing Financial Innovation & Access (EFInA) is a financial sector development organization that promotes financial inclusion in Nigeria.

EFInA Non – Executive Directors’ Search Criteria

The Board of EFInA

The main purpose of the board is to provide entrepreneurial, strategic and ethical leadership to the company, ensure that management is acting in the best interest of the Company and the donors through the board’s advisory and monitoring roles, and in the process enhance and sustain the growth development and impact of the Company over time while ensuring accountability to the donors with respect to agreed objectives and commitments.

The Board will ensure EFInA’s strategic impact and sustainability by:

  • Establishing and maintaining EFInA’s vision, mission and values.
  • Ensuring effective strategic and organizational planning by overseeing planning processes and by shaping the formation of strategy.
  • Ensuring the implementation of strategy.
  • Putting in place effective executive leadership and supporting the leadership team by establishing clear objectives and setting expectations.
  • Ensuring resources are effectively managed (e.g. by participating in the annual budgeting process).
  • Ensuring that programming decisions are consistent with the company’s mission and that programme priorities are given adequate budgetary weight in light of limited resources and the need to achieve multiple outcomes.
  • Enhancing EFInA’s public profile by supporting EFInA’s events, contributing to EFInA’s communications activities and being ready to “open doors” to effect introductions that might help EFInA fulfil its mission.
  • Intervening, if required, in critical management decisions (e.g. to identify new executive management or resolve disputes).
  • Critically assessing its own effectiveness by periodically reviewing how it can improve its ability to help EFInA achieve its goals.

Non-executive directors shall be appointed on the basis of their experience, specialist knowledge and personal qualities and are expected to bring these qualities to bear on issues of strategy, performance and resources.

The following are the criteria for all Non-Executive Directors:

All candidates will have or display:

  • An intimate and pragmatic working knowledge of the realities of working in Nigeria –from a cultural, regulatory and strategic perspective.
  • In the alternative to (1) above, an intimate and pragmatic working knowledge of the realities of working in a country which has a comparative value to Nigeria, or which presents a useful example for Nigeria to emulate.
  • A proven and genuine passion for the goals and aspirations of financial sector development in Nigeria or across the world.
  • The commitment to partake in discussions and meetings and to contribute personally outside Board meetings towards making EFInA a success
  • Previous exposure to and understanding of legal and robust governance practices (does not mean that those that have not been NED’s before are excluded).

In terms of particular skills and experience EFInA has identified that it requires candidates that have fulfilled the minimum criteria (above) and have one (or more) of the following additional experience:

  • Mainstream Consumer Banking and/or Insurance Services Experience. Retail banking experience across multiple channels including mobile banking and other multi-access solutions.
  • Digital and/or Mobile Financial Services Experience.
  • Proven “Applied” Academic and Research excellence in Development Economics and/or “accessing the base of the pyramid”. The candidate must be able to demonstrate that they have identified and researched such challenges and have advised commercial organizations (or other) in respect thereof.
  • Implementing Sustainable Development Goals, concepts and principles of the United Nations with a focus on Gender Equality.
  • Consumer Goods Retail Experience – from consumer facing industries such as FMCG or telecommunications with an in-depth understanding of marketing and distribution challenges and how to leverage economies of scale.
  • Strategy Development and Implementation Experience – with proven results.
  • Investment, Fundraising and Capital Markets

To be successful candidates should also have skills in at least one of the following areas:

  • Audit -with a focus on Internal Audit.
  • Organisational Change, Human resource strategy and professional skills development – strategy, leadership development, training and mentoring.
  • Financial Policy (macro and micro) and Regulation.
  • Financial Management and Reporting – with particular experience in preparing financial reports, budgets and banking documents.

This offer is open to Nigerian and International Applicants

Interested Applicants should visit to apply.


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