Financial journalists workshop
07 July 2011

Enhancing Financial Innovation & Access (EFInA) regularly host innovation fora and workshops to trigger debate and stimulate discussions on pertinent issues in the financial sector. Financial journalists are instrumental to the process of disseminating information and educating the populace on how to improve access to financial services and enhance financial inclusion in Nigeria.

To this end, EFInA organised a financial journalists workshop to enhance their professional competence in business and finance. The workshop provided an opportunity to discuss the fundamentals of financial inclusion covering areas such as its importance to the development of the economy, key barriers to access, branchless banking, and international views on the development of an inclusive financial sector. The key findings of the EFInA Access to Financial Services in Nigeria 2010 survey were also disseminated.

The guest speaker was Mr. Nicholas Tattersall, Nigeria Bureau Chief for Thomson Reuters. He provided insights into financial reporting from an international perspective and the crucial role journalists play in enabling financial markets to work. He said that journalists should alwyas ensure that they write a balanced and fair story based on facts.

EFInA will continue to facilitate workshops to empower journalists as efficient intermediaries for promoting financial education and engendering financial inclusion in Nigeria.